I am a frequent guest lecturer at local and international symposiums, schools and textile associations. My Master classes are mainly recommended for people who are advanced in felt working. I hold workshops in my home as well for a small number of participants. For further information about my  workshops please contact me directly.

This year I’m teaching at the following locations in Europe:

My Workshops in 2019

  •  15.-17.February at Filzrausch, Göttingen, Germany.
    Subject: Lizards
    Info: www.filzrausch.de
  • 24-27th of June, Wollknoll, Germany.
    Subjects: Felt and leather bag
    28th of June: Jewellery
    Info: www.wollknoll.eu
  • 10-16th of August, Montbrun, France.
    Subjects: Lizards (3 days), one day of on the 13th, Bags (3 days)
    Info: +33 561 981 222 or www.feutreformationfrance.com

    La Couech
    Montbrun-Bocage, 31310

  • 1-2-3-4th of November, Essen, Belgium, felt symposium.
    My subject probably will be: Small purses with interesting shapes and closers
    Info: www.vrouwwolle.be