Bud Hat online workshop

3 days long online workshop held on the 6th, 7th and 8th of May.
6 + 6 + 6 hours live sessions

3 times 6 hours long online course with Judit Pócs, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the 6th, 7th and 8th of May, each day from 5pm to 11pm (CET)

In this course, we will make a sculptural Bud hat.

When making this hat, you can let your imagination run wild and have the opportunity to experiment with colors, textures and shapes.

You can learn how to join two or more shapes together.

The inner form will be decorated with beads, which will also be fixed during felting. The exciting texture of the exterior shape is given by the synthetic organza fabric. The tendrils of the hat are spirally decorated.

I will show you everything step by step.

You will also receive some pre-recorded video material on some of the preparations for the course, and we will have pre- and after-consultations for smooth operation.

I recommend this course for advanced felters.

What will you learn?

  • hat template design
  • basic felting techniques
  • color design and blendig
  • joining two hollow shapes together
  • fixing of beads onto a woolen surface without sewing
  • felting of synthetic organza fabric
  • making cord with spiral decoration
  • hat shaping

How much does it cost and what is included in the price?

The price of the workshop is 190 EUR, which covers the followings:

  • A total of 18 hours of online felting live workshop on the 6th, 7th
    and 8th of May, (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) 2022, each day from
    5pm to 11pm (Central Europien Time), in English, when
    I will guide you through the process, step by step.
  • You can follow the course with the help of ZOOM app, which you can
    download for free to both desktop and smartphone
  • You will receive pre-recorded videos on the preparations and the tasks
    to be done on your own.
  • We will also have pre- and post-consultations about the project. You
    will have an access to the live consultations in Zoom, where you can
    ask questions and share your works with others if you like.
  • Everything will be recorded and I will send the recorded material to the
    participants in each case.
  • You will have an access to the workshop’s whole recorded material,
    which will be available for 3 months after the live workshop
  • Some days before the live sessions
    you will receive the templates and a printable step-by-step PDF
    instruction about the project.

List of materials and tools

  • Paper for the templates, size 65 x 55 cm (26 x 22 inches)
  • 2mm thick styrofoam (foam sheet) for the templates, 60 x 65 cm (24 x 26 inches)
  • Bubble wrap for rubbing (25 x 30 cm), (10 x 12 inches)
  • Bubble wrap for flipping the hat, 70 x 50 cm (28 x 20 inches)
  • Synthetic netting (e.g. an old curtain) to put on the layers to secure the fibres, 70 x 60 cm, also a tiny piece, size 20 x 20 cm, (28 x 24 and 8 x 8 inches)
  • Cotton cloth for rolling (e.g. an old piece of sheet) 80 x 100 cm (32 x 40 inches)
  • Saran wrap
  • Sharpe scissors
  • Hand soap
  • Bowl for water
  • A couple of towels
  • Tape measure and rulers
  • Hat-block (in your size)
  • Fine Australian merino wool in roving, (wool top), (Micron 18-19), 0,5 Kg will do
  • Around 300 pieces of beads, with a diameter 3-5 mm, the hole should have a size between 1-2 mm
  • Wool yarn on which you string the beads (a total of 6-7 m)
  • Piece of beeswax
  • Synthetic organza fabric, 100 x 40 cm (40 x 16 inches)
  • Synthetic kitchen cloth to absorb the water
  • Wooden tools for molding, it’s not an obligation, but practical to have it
  • IKEA mat Variera (with dots) it’s not an obligation, but might be practical as a base for making the amulets
  • Starch and brush, it’s optional, just hardens the hat
  • Pins
  • Pliers
  • Permanent marker
  • Something heavy, like two stones

My finished hat weighs 326 g together with the beads.